Hotels near Rameshwaram

Devipatinam is also known as Navabashanam, a coastal Village that is located 20 km from Ramanathapuram.
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The temple of Aadhikesavaperumal is located at the shore of Devipattinam and temple for Devi is located in the town. The sea is very calm and the atmoshphere is very good here. About hundred yards inside the sea are the nine withered blocks of stone, supposed to be the Navagrahas, the nine planets. The Lord of devipattinam is named as jagannatha and worshipped by all people. Notable feature is that the devotees can perform puja on their own, though we saw some priests like people also performing pujas on behalf of the devotees. The people who are having ‘Dhosa’ can come here and perform pooja of their own. The navagraha statues inside the water is different from other temples. The devotees stand in water and perform their poojas. Devipattinam has also acquired fame as a place for getting relief from adverse planetary conditions by performing the appropriate rituals.